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What I do

In simple terms, I read what you've written and then I make it better. 


I fix the grammar, the punctuation, and the spelling. I make the formatting consistent and I apply a style so that the same word appears the same way every time. 

Beyond that, I help your words flow more naturally, so that the reader doesn't have to stop and try again. I remove repetition and sort out ambiguity, getting your point across in simple, clear terms. 


Finally (or foremost) I provide a fresh eye for your writing. I can see where you've lost the flow, where you've gone off topic, where your message is getting messy. I can suggest cuts to make your piece more concise. I can help you find the logic and get back on track.


I work with fiction and non-fiction. I've edited novels, memoirs, collections of essays, children's fiction, theses, articles, blog posts, web site text, project proposals, procedural handbooks, diary entries, letters, and more. I firmly believe that good writing is good writing no matter what the subject, and have tackled a broad range of topics ranging from physics to history, IT to marketing. 


I am a native of Dublin, Ireland and have lived and worked in the US for the past thirteen years. As a result, I can work on text in US English or UK/Irish English. I can also advise you on localization and writing for a global audience.






"She was extremely thorough, and I was just so, so pleased with the quality of the work."
- Managing Editor, Smithsonian Press



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